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Maintaining Shipments

Use the Maintain Shipments window to view and update inventory intransit shipment information. Also use the Maintain Shipments window to view or cancel Advance Shipment Notices (ASNs).

You can view a wide variety of information about an inventory intransit shipment, including internal requisition information backing the intransit shipment. You can enter or change selected header information including packing slip and bill of lading numbers, the expected receipt date, the freight carrier, the ship-to location, and the number of containers. You can also enter or change some information at the shipment line level: the packing slip number, receipt routing, and reason code.

For an ASN, you can also view a wide variety of information, including truck and container numbers. You can also cancel an ASN by choosing Cancel from the Special menu. (The supplier can also send a Cancellation ASN.) See: Advanced Shipment Notices (ASNs).


   To select shipments:

   To maintain shipments:

   To cancel an Advanced Shipment Notice:

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